Why must I join the MCSA?

The Mountain Club of South Africa offers the opportunity to become part of a network of like-minded people , irrespective of the activities in which you are taking part:

  • Mountaineering (Hiking)
  • Rock climbing (bouldering, sports climbing and traditional climbing)
  • Canoeing
  • Conservation
  • Outreach activities
  • Search-and-rescue

Every year, the Stellenbosch Section of the MCSA organises more than 50 meets – there is therefore something for each of us. You will also be taken to parts of the Cape mountains that are not well-known – many people will not even know that such places exist – and receive exclusive access to many unspoilt mountain areas and huts in South Africa.

The MCSA owns more than a dozen properties and huts in the Western Cape, and many more in the areas of the other sections! Members have reciprocal rights to all 14 sections of the Mountain Club in South Africa and Namibia.

Additional BBenefits

Club membership also enables you to get free access through Kirstenbosch to Table Mountain (subject to rules).

Here is a list of organisations/businesses with which we have close ties and/or where we can receive discounts:

  • Cape Union Mart
  • Mountain Mail Order
  • Drifters
  • Maties Climbing
  • Stellenbosch Universiteit Berg en Toer Klub
  • Roelof Jacobs fisioterapie
  • Agear.co.za
  • Outdoor Escape
  • Bloc 11
  • Kaap Agri
  • City Rock
  • Hi-Tec

How to become a member

To join the MCSA is an easy process. The following steps must be taken.

1. Read the BKSAMCSA Guide for Members.

2. Attend three outings of the section. Guests pay a fee of R50 per person per outing (as well as access fees and/or permit fees where applicable). Information about outings is available on the Calendar. Contact the leader to get information about the degree of difficulty of the outing and to book your place.

3. After three outings you may apply for membership. Keep a face photo ready to add to your application.

4a. The committee meets 4 times a year and applications for membership are then discussed and approved or turned down by the committee. If membership is approved, you will be notified. After paying the membership fee, you will receive a membership card and sticker that is valid for the current year.

4b. Existing members of other section can move to our section with a “Letter of Good Standing” of their section. You are welcome to apply online.

4c. Family members (younger than 18) are also welcome. Apply online..

Apply here

Membership fees

Membership fees for 2021/2022 Cost Journal
Membership with a hard copy journal  R300 Hard copy and digital
Membership without a hard copy journal R200 Digital
Family member (onder 18) R50 Digital
Guest fee (per outing) for people older than 18 years R50
Creation of a membership card R50

Please pay via an electronic transfer to the bank, using the details provided on the invoice that will be sent to you by the members’ secretary. This will happen after you have applied for membership and your application has been approved. Please send the proof of payment to