The 10 Peaks Stamp Project is an initiative of the Mountain Club of South Africa Stellenbosch Section (MCSA STE). The purpose is to encourage members to collect 10 different stamps, applying to 10 different peaks, on a stamp card.

These stamp cards are available from the committee member responsible for this project. Contact one of the committee members to find out who is currently responsible. The stamps have been placed on selected mountain peaks. Please follow the “List of coordinates of peak stamps” for the list of peaks with stamps. The rubber stamps, with the logo of the mountain club and the name and the altitude of the peak, are hidden in a special container (with the stamp pad and ink) at the beacon. The holder of a correctly completed card qualifies for a special prize. Please follow the link to the “Rules for the submission of stamp cards”.

The stamp is in a separate ice cream container, together with the ink pad, at the same place (or near it) where the booklets are stored at the beacon. Please follow the link to “Submission of stamps placement” link to see where the stamps have been placed. Please contact the committee member responsible for the climbing programme at if you want to find out more or want to take part in the 10 Peaks Stamp Project. Why not do it now! Please send an email to:



Presentation of stamps locations
Rules for the submission of stamp cards
List of coordinates of peak stamps